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The Warstler Star Room

We’re on the move with our next Star Room!

Warslter Elementary is preparing space to become our next Star Room. Warstler put forth a lot of effort in creating an environment that addresses the needs of children with disabilities. Now the school is going forward to address the needs of children with autism and other spectrum disorders.

The Warstler room will be unique in our current constellation of Star Rooms in that it will feature an observation area. This will allow the school to become a training center so teachers and counselors can learn to develop the positive environment that’s been so critical to the success of our pilot Star Room. Attitude and approach are just as important as the reduced-stimulus environmental design, so this is a critical next step. Parents and teachers will be able to witness firsthand the positive effects on the children.

The Warstler Star Room expands our inclusive approach by serving as an environment for tutoring students who need a quiet space and as a resource for speech and occupational therapy.

After settling on an ideal location in the school, volunteers from Schumacher Homes are beginning prep work to transform the former classroom into a Star Room. Here are a few before images, showing the room that will become the Warstler Star Room.

Before Photos

IMAG1162 IMAG1161 IMAG1160