Scientifically Proven

The Star Room™ concept is founded on more than 45 years of research in treating sensory processing conditions.

The Star Room is a calming, therapeutic environment in the school created for children with autism and other issues, such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, that present challenges related to sensory processing and over-stimulation. These disorders can produce high levels of anxiety and stress, which can interrupt learning and lead to disruptive behavior.

A student experiencing such feelings can check into the supervised Star Room, choose an appropriate tool or technique to help “de-escalate,” spend some time winding down, then return to the classroom ready to learn.

This purposeful sensory space isn’t used as a means of discipline or reward, but solely to provide an appropriate, calming environment for students who need to de-escalate.

The Star Room creates an environment complete with furnishings and products to calm four of the senses: SIGHT, HEARING, SMELL, and TOUCH.

More Than Just a Room

And because the attitudes and skills of those caring for children with ASD can determine the success or failure of the student in the general education classroom, LAAF also offers ongoing autism education for teachers, paraprofessionals, parents and staff.

In addition to The Star Room itself, the program provides additional components, including autism-specific products for use in general education classrooms.