A Calming, Therapeutic Environment

We want children with autism to get the most of their time at school; learning and developing friendships. With the Star Room, they can.

Check out this video of the first Star Room, installed early 2014 at the Glenwood Intermediate School of the Plain Local Schools district in Canton, Ohio, then read more in this article in the Autism Asperger's Digest.


We are also honored to build a Star Room in the NEW EN-RICH-MENT Arts Education Center in Northeast Ohio - a project developed by the Bluecoats and En-rich-ment organizations. The organizations have partnered to create a spectrum of programming that will expand access to music, arts, and life-skills classes in our community.

Learn more and take a tour at enrichmentcampaign.org (check out minute 4 to see the Star Room)!

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Boy in the Star Room

"Sometimes when I get a little frustrated I come in here and it cools me down."

Girl in the Star Room

"It's special because the trampoline, the ball pit, the tents, the jellyfish, the turtles, the swing!"

In the Star Room

"It's all silent! It's like a silent movie, with no talking and sound effects. I love all of this!"