What We Do

We help kids with autism and more. We embrace children’s personal needs by providing for our most exceptional students.

Hope for Parents and Help for Teachers

The estimated number of children affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has more than doubled since 2000 when it was 1 in 150. The latest report from the Centers for Disease Control, released in March 2014, estimates that about 1 in 68 children have autism.

Most parents of children with autism want their child to have an opportunity to attend school with peers, but given the multisensory, communication, social and behavioral challenges of children with ASD, teachers can find it difficult to integrate these special students into a general education classroom.

Now The Star Room™ offers hope for parents and help for teachers. The Star Room is a scientifically proven, calming, therapeutic environment in the school created for children with autism, plus those with behavior disorders and physical disabilities. Students with sensory processing challenges experience high levels of anxiety and stress, which can interrupt learning and lead to disruptive behavior. When students are feeling overwhelmed, they can check into the supervised Star Room, choose an appropriate tool or technique to help “de-escalate,” spend some time winding down, then return to the classroom ready to learn. The Star Room has also proven to be a better quality environment for students receiving occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and social training skills.  Learn more about the science behind The Star Room.

Our Mission

Creating communities of compassion in which personalities flourish, friendships blossom, and futures are fostered, allowing children with autism to live their best lives.

Our Vision

Every child should have the same opportunities as Andrew. Our vision is to create communities of caring for children with autism and their families throughout the country by fostering the creation of Star Rooms and creating a place where parents and teachers can turn for knowledge, guidance, and strength. We aim to give children on the spectrum and those with other sensory challenges their best opportunity to learn within an inclusive school environment. We aim to support parents of children with autism with a guiding hand.  We aim to educate the community at large so that the world becomes a more welcoming place for children with autism. In short, we aim to Shine Together.